Our Services

Our Goal

Our goal is to give our customers the superior quality, service and precision they deserve, in a timely manner, at a price they can afford.

Our Experience

For the past 20 years, Curtis Wolf has been involved in the firearms manufacturing field. We have been providing quality parts to many of the leading manufacturing and surplus companies in this field.
We have also produced many parts for local businesses in the central PA region and are proud of the fact that we have remained competitive over the years by adapting our skills and equipment to the needs of our customers.

Our Capabilities

Ordnance Research Inc has a computer aided, precision machine shop which is capable of producing short run and long run parts. We own the machining equipment. This will ensure accuracy and consistency in each of your parts.
Our cutting-edge technology allows us to achieve minimum machining times, quick set-up and precise tolerances that eliminate many secondary operations. Our CNC machining capabilities include milling and turning on a 4 axis basis. We are also capable of precision laser cutting, welding and custom fabrication.

Your Benefits!

Our quality and service is second to none! All our products are mil spec to absolute original. Our attention to detail has allowed us to provide our customers with reliable results and to insure that you will receive your parts on time. This along with the personalized service, excellent pricing and the quality that comes with dealing with a small business, will make your decision to work with us an excellent one!